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Hey guys! As you all know, my true passion in life is TRAVEL. Nothing makes me happier than jetting off to explore a new country or enjoy the surroundings of a new cruise ship! Over the last 3 years I have been sharing my travels with you on my Instagram and thousands of you have booked holidays and cruises inspired by me – which is just incredible!

More recently, there has been a surge in requests from you all for actually helping you to plan and book your next trip and I absolutely love doing so! So, after spending a considerable amount of time researching this programme, I realised that we had been missing out on some huge savings when booking our holidays, plus it meant I could also help you all book too!

I am delighted to announce that I am now officially an Independent Travel Agent (ITA) and I now have the ability to help you all book your holidays and cruises – not just inspire you on where to go next! My recent poll absolutely shocked me when it revealed over 40% of you use a Travel Agent to book your holidays. My inbox was then flooded with a tonne of requests for me to become an ITA so that I can help you all find and plan your dream trip and I cant wait to actually start helping you all.

The travel program I have joined has access to so many suppliers, meaning that Ill always be able to find you the best deal, without the stress of doing it all yourself! They are also ABTA and ATOL members so you are completely protected. So, If you want some advice on where to go, or have an idea of where you’d like to go but prefer to book through a travel agent to save on stress or for peace of mind, then please fill in the contact form and we can start chatting 😊


If, like me, you absolutely love searching for deals yourself or your family and friends and would also like to take advantage of travel agent exclusive rates, being able to earn commission from booking trips for yourself, family and friends, or even if you wished to start your own travel business, I can also help you with that!

Did you know that every travel booking you are currently making online has a commission factored in to it? As an ITA you would ultimately be earning these commissions back yourself on all travel related bookings that you make. I was completely unaware of this and wish I had known sooner. I spend a lot of money on travel, and I have been missing out on such big savings for years, we were totally in the dark about it!


Becoming an ITA means you now have access to a whole world of trade suppliers. A trade supplier is a supplier that only Travel Agents can book through, you need your IATA license in order to access their rates and make bookings. Our IATA license is sent to you in your welcome email the moment you join the program. As soon as I joined, I checked so many cruise prices and compared them to what I have paid for my upcoming trips and I literally would have saved THOUSANDS!

You may also decide to help others join the program, this is a totally SEPARATE part of the business and something you may also want to take advantage of if you are looking for a way to earn some extra income.

The simplicity of this opportunity will blow your mind. There are multiple ways you can utilise this which can allow you to travel and earn an extra income at the same time! You can use this as a little side hobby/hustle or a go big and turn it into your full time career with a team of agents around the world! The choice is yours! The best part is you can do this all on your own terms and all you need is Wifi!

If you want any info please get in touch at or if you want me to plan your holiday for you, just fill in the form below!

Gem xx

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