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Christmas Tree Reveal!

Hey guys, happy Thursday!

I know I've already revealed a couple of trees in our home already, but its all about the main one in the living room tonight!

I've been really nervous about this one, the pressure is unreal! Instagram is such an amazing platform but I have seen some outstanding trees on there this week - and I am no professional tree decorator!

I knew the vibe I wanted for this tree and I'm so happy with how its turned out. The blush pink and rose gold vibes shine throughout and the overall feel is very glam compared to some trees I've had in the past.

Garden centres and Pinterest have been my main point to turn to for inspiration this year. I have screenshot and took photos of so many trees over the last month or so and started collecting decorations back in September. I knew I wanted a certain style of tree topper this year, like all the ones I saw at the Garden Centres and online. I purchased all of my tree topper twigs from local Garden centres such as Birkacre in Chorley and Bents in warrington.

My tree was kindly gifted to me from WERCHRISTMAS and can be found here - Its such a great price and Im really happy with it. They also gifted me a variation of the blush pink baubles they sell too - which I love!

Two other companies that send me decorations were @FREDANDPEARLGIFTS and also @THEBOWSHOP24 , more information is on my stories with swipe ups and saved to my Tree Reveal 2020 highlight. All my other decorations were mainly from Home Bargains who had a great blush pink collection this year!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Much Love,

Gem x

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1 Comment

Were did you get that large stunning nutcracker. Blessings.

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