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The secret to drying your laundry in winter!

Sick of washing you clothes and them still not being dry a week later because of the horrible autumn winter humidity we suffer with? Look no further!

This NEW 20L dehumidifier from my favourites at Pro Breeze is the ultimate laundry hack!

Its special laundry mode removes up to 20 litres of water from the air per day, leaving your clothes dry quicker than ever and smelling fresh!

Click HERE to get yours and use code MARKLAND10 to get 10% off the entire Pro Breeze Website!

  • 5 Operation Modes: Select from a range of 5 advanced operation modes, which include strong, natural, ventilation, continuous, and laundry, with the added convenience of a child safety lock to disable all buttons.

  • Special Laundry Mode: Reduce the drying time of damp laundry indoors by absorbing moisture in the air from wet clothes. Using the latest technology, it's capable of extracting up to 600% more water than similar-sized dehumidifiers.

  • Costs as little as 14p/hour to run: Using an energy-efficient compressor, it removes up to 20 litres of water daily with low power consumption.

  • Automated Humidity Detection: A smart humidity sensor, featuring LED indicators, constantly observes the moisture levels within a room and automatically powers down the dehumidifier once the desired humidity level is achieved.

  • Large Water Tank: The 5.5L water tank automatically shuts off when full, with a continuous drainage hose included for long-term use.

  • Carbon Filter: A removable, washable carbon filter catches microparticles for cleaner, healthier air.

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