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Cool down that dog! 🐶

Hey guys!

If you caught my stories recently, you’ll know how much sox suffers in this stuffy summer heat we are experiencing!

I just wanted to pop on and share a few of my favourite products to keep those pups happy in the heat this summer!

firstly, thank you to Pro Breeze who sent us this fabulous air cooler, it has already been a god send and sox is loving it (As are we!) it’s much cheaper to run and easier to have than traditional air conditioning and I would highly recommend it. This link and code GEMMA10 gets you 10% off all ProBreeze products until 31st august!

Next up is this super cool cooling mat! Sox has one of these at home, another at work, and another at the postman’s house for when he visits!!! 🤣

ours is the XL size but they start from much smaller for those little pups too!

you can get yours here along with all soxs other amazon faves!

finally, B&M have so many childrens pools and splash pads that are perfect For doggo children too! So don’t forget to have a look down the summer aisle when you’re next in there 🥰

lots of love

Gem xx

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