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Dressing Room Makeover!

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for the love on our recent dressing room makeover. I’m so happy with how it’s turned out!

If you missed my Instagram stories, here’s the low down on what we did!

First off, we built 2 x Ikea Malm drawers. These were the 3 drawer sets that measure 80cm x 48cm. We knew these would make the perfect base for the new dressing table.

Next we grabbed some 25mm MDF which measured 240cm x 48cm and painted it white. We will be adding a toughened glass table top to this in the same size when it arrives, to make sure that the paint doesn’t scratch off and to protect it from things such as makeup and my hair straighteners.

The wood panelling was purchased from WoodUp UK. We went gor the Akupanel in the classic oak xolour with grey felt. We used 2 of their 60cm wide panels and attached these to the wall with nails.

You can shop their amazing range of panels via the below link -

The LED mirror is definitely the show stopper. This 100cm light up beauty was purchased from Amazon . We attached this to the wall by screwing 3 large, heavy duty screws through the felt of the panelling into the wall, then hooked the mirror on to them.

This meant that the weight of the mirror wasn’t on the panelling and wouldn’t damage it.

I’m so happy with the end result! Let me know what you think 🥰

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