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Hey guys!

If you caught my Instagram stories today you will have seen the huge range of deals I have been sharing from one of my favourite home shopping websites - ManoMano!

As well as saving it all to a highlight, I thought it would be useful to add a blog post with so that the information doesn’t get lost as things move on as there are some absolute bargains to be had on the ManoMano website!

We originally purchased this garden set and additional chairs in early 2021, which you all go crazy for! Unfortunately they don’t sell our exact set that we had anymore, but they do offer some newer versions and a whole range for you to choose from. click the link below to find the best range of rattan garden sets available on their website -

As well as this gorgeous corner dining set, we also have some fabulous accessories include the chairs which can be found HERE -

another favourite of mine is our gorgeous blossom trees you can see below. These are artificial (for easy maintenance and all year round pinkness!) and we’re also purchased last year from ManoMano!

you can find the blossom trees HERE -

Last but not least, if you came from our recent Instagram reel or Tiktok, you are probably wondering how we got our garden to change colours in the evening!

this next link I’m going to share with you is amazing! We absolutely love our colour changing floodlights and they are soooo much cheaper than you think - yet so effective!

here is the link to grab yours now, thank me later! 😍

Now for the best but! ManoMano have given me access to some cheeky discounts using my links and codes. To get your hands on a bargain, just use one of my links above or below to access the Mano Mano website, then choose the code from the below options, which is applicable to your order!

happy shopping! ❤️


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